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Chat Agreement

Pambudi Chat Agreement, TOS, Warranty

  1. USER may use this aplication freely.
  2. USER may not sent any message contains any ‘SARA’ issues and must hold all Indonesian Law.
  3. USER may use any sender name BUT NOT ‘pambudi’ including any combination of characters that is spelled ‘pambudi’ on pronounciation.
  4. Response from pambudi (next is called OWNER) may take either a short time or a long time depends on OWNER availability.
  5. All private message is REJECTED, including in this term (but not restricted) are curhat pribadi, emotional, and all non polite content.
  6. OWNER can NOT CONTROLS the content of this chat because it is free service from CBox.
  7. All impact of chat content is NOT RESPONSIBILITY of OWNER and Sebelas Maret University.
  8. The message will be displayed on ascending sort, newest message at most bottom place.
  9. This agreement/TOS/warranty is subject to change.
  10. If you think that OWNER capability in English is so so BAD… YES! You Right!


Cbox Emoticon:
You may insert some emoticon within your message using CBox tool by pressing linkword ‘smilies’ bellow the box and JavaScript will run. It takes a time depends on your connection quality. If you had a poor connectivity, you may type the code of smilie on your message directly by yourself. You may download the shortcut of each smilies here